CHINA(BRAZIL) TRADE FAIR, Sep. 17- Sep. 19, 2019

EHASE-FLEX attended China (Brazil) Trade Fair at Brazil, from Sep.17, 2019 to Sep.19, 2019, at Sao Paulo Exhibition and Convention Center.

Brazil is a large country in Latin America. With the largest land area, population and GDP in Latin America, it is the eighth largest economy in the world, and the largest construction investment market, accounting for nearly half of the market share in Latin America. The economy of South America has recovered greatly in recent years, and it is now in the rising period of rapid growth, which also drives the rapid growth of infrastructure. At the same time, Brazil is the largest country in South America, with the largest economic aggregate in South America, which has a strong radiation capacity to neighboring countries. Brazil will be the most potential emerging market in the next five years. So we took part in this exhibition and hoped to open up the South American market.